If you would like to be added onto our waiting list, please contact us.  You will be contacted once kids are on the ground. Our kidding season is posted on the Breeding Schedule Page. Please keep checking back with us as new kids will be added.

We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone for any reason.  Our goats are sold for PETS, SHOW or BREEDING STOCK ONLY.  All breeding stock will be micro- chipped.

Prices do not include any testing, health certificates or veterinary exam.  Prices are subject to change according to the development of the each goat.  A $250 NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT is required in order to hold a goat.  This deposit will hold the kid until he is 8 to 12 weeks of age.  Final payment must be paid in cash or a certified check.


                                        Check out the KIDS Page also.

   DOB 3/10/2013                 Randolph's Gustov                 MSFGA #3546

This adorable buck is polled with a strong head and show worthy confirmation.  Gustov comes from a long line of MCH descendants.

                                             Grand Reserve Jr. Buck- Southern Iowa Show, 2013

DOB 12/14/2014                          Randolph's Hudson                                         MSFGA# 4485


This little fella is going to have a strong build and handsome extreme coat.  Sweet as can be.                          Reserve Grand Champion Jr. Buck Spring Fever ODGC Show 2015   
              Reserve  Grand Champion Jr. Buck Copper Mountain Moose Hollow Show-2015
                    Grand Champion Jr Buck, Yellow Rose of Texas Long Horn Show, 2015

                                              Randolph's Indiana Jones
                                     DOB 12/15/2015                                                                      MSFG 4989

This outstanding disbudded buckling is going to be a really nice silky.  He is already coming into a very silky thick coat.  Can deliver to Iowa the weekend of June 4th.

                           Reserve Grand Champion, Old Dominion Gold Cup Sunset Show, 2016


                                                                       Randolph's Infiniti

                                                  DOB 12/30/2015                                               MSFGA 4990

This is a darling disbudded doeling whose coat is very promising.   She is certainly show worthy and will be a quality breeding doe.  She can deliver to Iowa the weekend of June 4.


                                                                    Randolph's Jerome
                                      DOB 3/19/2016                                                             MSFGA 5075


This little disbudded fella is a sure fire winner for a quality breeding/ show buckling.


                                                                   Randolph's Imacutie
                                                     Photo at two months

                                 DOB  11/29/2015                                                              MSFGA 4987

This little bottle baby is a real sweet heart and is loaded with coat and has an excellent confirmation.  Her pedigree is filled with master champions.  Certainly a show quality doeling. She will be showing in VA.


DOB 3/24/2016                                          Randolph's Jupiter                        MSFGA coming soon
                                                                                     Photo at 4 weeks

This fawn, black and white darling is disbudded and is growing into a very nice buck.  He comes from extensive MCH bloodlines.

3/24/2016                                             Randolph's Josephina                        MSFGA coming soon
                                                                           Photo taken at four weeks

This adorable little, disbudded girl is going to have her mother's very shiny, silky coat.  She will make a show quality doe.

3/25/2016                                  Randolph's Jumpin' Jack Flash        


                                                                                        $150                                                                                       P

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